The area of the Municipality of Omišalj comprises settlements of Omišalj and Njivice.

Omišalj is situated on a hill, 82 m above the sea level, at the north-western part of the island of Krk.
Its development can be followed from Liburnian and Roman times and the times of Frankopan knights of Krk. Omišalj is rich in cultural and architectural heritage which is witnessed by the remnants of the Roman town Fulfinum from th 1st century, by early Christian Basilica Mirine from the 5th century, as well as by many other historical monuments. This is why Omišalj is righty awarded the epitaph of the town – monument.

Njivice lies in the north-western part of the island in the Beli Karnik Bay. Once, it was a small fishing village, and today, it is a well – known tourist destination. Njivice is one of the most visited tourist centres of the Krk island, and thanks to different accommodation facilities, a few good restaurants, rich vegetation and beautiful beaches, it attracts many tourists from all over Europe and the world.

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