The Municipality of Vrbnik comprises settlements of Vrbnik, Garica, Kampelje and Risika.

Vrbnik is one of the oldest settlements on the island. It is situated on the island’s north-eastern part, on a 40 – meter – high cliff. It is famous for its Glagolitic heritage and its street called Klančić, which is the narrowest street in the world. As to the cultural and historical sights, one that stands apart is the Library of the Vitezić family with more than 10,000.00 titles and valuable documents written in Glagolitic script. Among the valuable books, the library keeps Kőhler’s atlas, which was printed in 1718 in Nűrnberg.

High - quality white wine called Žlahtina, an autochthonous wine cultivar, is world famous and it also made Vrbnik famous.

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